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Auction guide for September.

After a while of not posting much (Too busy restoring Howards). I am going to try and start doing a monthly auction guide, which I will keep updated through the month.

Just spotted this on the saleroom at Clevedon salerooms, Bristol on 2nd Sept:

Some people may be put off by the fact it is only attributed to Howard and Sons, but I can say without a doubt that it is a Howard, everything is correct with the piece, there are no issues with it. But that little bit of ambiguity may mean it sells for a decent price.

 Sold for £580 + Commission. As I thought it went for an absolute steal.

Another wingchair at Dreweatts on the 8th Sept. I prefer this one stylistically, I fear they may be asking too much money for it with a starting price of £4000, factor in the 36% sales tax and it gets rather pricey but we will see:


I am not sure on the castors, the rear ones are almost certainly replacements in my opinion and I expect the fronts are too, I have never seen that make of castor used on a Howard item.

 Sold for £4000 + Commission.

That is everything coming up which looks interesting to me at the moment, but for the full list please click here: