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Fantastic pair of original Howards make good money

 Didnt see these until the day they sold hence why I hadn't posted them sooner. Both at Cheffins today.

2 of the most desirable models in untouched condition, it really does not get better than this.

The armchair was listed as a Bridgewater but I believe it is an actually an Ivor from the sizes given. As soon as I saw it I said £6000 and I was spot on it sold for £6000 + Commission which will take it over £8000.

The sofa (I think its a Wimbourne) I tried to have a realistic guess at £13000, however it sailed past that ending up at £16,500 + Commission which takes it past £22,000 in total.

A fantastic pair of items which I can see going straight into an antique shop as is.

If I was buying them all I would do is blow some air through the cushions (the arms ones in particular) to plump them up and make loose covers up. Doing anything else would only hurt them.

Please note if you have a Howard and you have come to my blog hoping to find out what its worth these 2 items are the Holy Grail of Howard items and other Howard's differ in value massively. Please see my auction guide for September as an example of this, 2 wing chairs, 1 sells for a few hundred the other sells for a few thousand, it is all about the design.